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The City of Marada

Places to Visit

Welcome to the Maradan capital, the City of Marada, an area popular with both locals and tourists. Many Maradans travel here daily to send their pets to the school, or to search for a job once their pets are educated, and can be found whiling the time away at the arcade afterwards. If you fancy spoiling your pets with a touch of luxury you might like to book them into the hotel for a night or two, and of course don't forget to pop into the bank while you're in town to collect your interest! Every virtual world has virtual games and activities for you to take part in. Hover your mouse over the places on the map for more information and select the place you would like to visit.
Safely store your MP in this bank account and earn daily interest.
 Car Parts
Buy the car parts you need here to complete Garage quests.
Send your questions, ideas and suggestions to the Marapets staff.
This section lists all of the games and flash games you can play to earn MP.
 Games Redemption Shop
Spend your games points from flash games at the games redemption shop.
Bring your car parts to this Garage to complete a quest for rewards.
Complete the City of Marada themed goals for a new prize at each level.
 Homeless Fairy
The Homeless Fairy rewards your pets based on the Newspapers they have read.
If any of your pets are sick you can visit the hospital and pay for a cure.
Pay to check your pets into the hotel to keep them healthy and happy.
 Job Centre
Get a pet a job that will earn it MP each day and promotions.
 News Stand
You can buy this month's newspapers for each world here to read to your pets.
 Post Office
Visit the post office to buy stamps you need for your stamp album.
 Power Station
The power station is where you pay your electricity bills.
The prison is where pets that have done something illegal will end up.
 Recycling Centre
Recycle your old cans from drink items and you can buy rare recycled items.
Educate your pets at the School to help them get the highest paying jobs.
 Tarquin's Library
Complete Tarquin's Library missions for books and receive a Poera pet.
 Town Hall
Visit the town hall with a name certificate and you can rename your pet.

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