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The Undying Woods grew up around the maradan graveyard, home of neglected zombie marapets. After Elger the witch moved into her haunted house and brave marapets started to venture in for quests, a pound was opened to house the poor unwanted homeless pets and several shops have sprung up to take advantage of passing trade. Keep your wits about you as you pass though this world - you never know what might be lurking in the shadows!
Bid on items that other players have put up for auction to grab a bargain.
 Battle Deck
Your battle deck is where you collect trading cards you can battle in the arena.
Beelzebub visits randomly in October causing chaos and giving out prizes.
 Clock Tower
Visit the clock tower to find out the current time in Marada and you may receive a prize.
 Gate of the Graveyard
The gate of the graveyard is where neglected pets go before they permanently die.
Complete goals related to the Undying Woods world and receive a prize at each level.
 Grave Robbing
When you catch the grave keeper sleeping, rob a grave for some bones.
The graveyard is where neglected pets that have died go and become zombies.
 Halloween Treats
Buy the halloween treats you need from this shop - popular around Halloween!
 Haunted House
Complete Elger's quests and you may win crystals to train your pets at the Gym.
 Open Graves
Visit the open graves gave, select a grave and you may win a prize.
 Pet Auctions
The only way that you can sell your non limited edition pets for MP is at the Pet Auctions.
 Pet Pound
Adopt a new pet disowned by another player or disown a pet you no longer want.
 Spooks Busters
Scare away a matching set of Spooks hiding under the bed to win MP.
 Trading Cards
Buy trading cards, add them to your battle deck and fight in the battle arena.
 Trotter's Movies
Complete this mission for DVDs and you will receive a limited edition Zoink pet.
 Undying Fairy
A free game you can play once every 4 hours to win a prize from the Undying Fairy.
 Undying Minipets
Collect bones and bring some blood and you can create your own Undying Minipet.
 Undying Tombola
Play the free Undying Tombola game and you may receive a prize.
Vampire rewards each of your pets prizes for training health stats.
Buy the weapons you need to battle your pet in the arena from this shop.

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