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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly

I play on the PC, Tablet, 4 different Kindles, and sometimes my Phone..
I'm Amanda/38/Female/West Virginia USA...
~CHECK OUT MY TRADES~ and our Club below... I Love to Collect MINIPETS

-I am more into swapping/trading than buying and selling...
-Big shop, usually stays full...
-Always Trading/Swapping Photos and Plates, check my Trades...

See my Blog below!

X9fXbSj.gif bPPqViY.png

My Roommate is also now playing, we do share devices, whichever one is free at the moment is the one we grab up to play on.
If I am on the PC then she may play on one of the Kindles, Tablet, or phone!
I also use a VPN sometimes so my IP may be all over the place.. I joined Marapets on Sep, 22nd, 2006...



Jahyes the Rainbow Knutt
3 years, 4 months & 5 days OldBorn 21st May 2017 20:01

Grassy Axe
Bough Bow
Devil Trident
Staff of the Homeless Fairy