None of my pets are for sale/trade

Please read my Profile Info page before contacting me

General Info
Friend Requests: Accepting
Pet Lending Requests: Accepting
Photo/Plate Swap Requests: Accepting
Random Maramails looking to chat: Accepting
Mission Help: Accepting, agree to gallery terms first
Trade/Shop Negotiation: X
Trade/Shop Swaps: X
Beauty/Ugly Contest Vote: X
Club Invites: X
Pet Trades: X
Maramail/Maratalk: Maramail only
Please do not send me multiple messages or spam my inbox.

Pet Info
Battle Pets: Akatsuki, Insidious, Lace, Rico
Collection Pets: Lace, Akatsuki (Transformation Only)
Soliera the Space Limax
1 year, 10 months & 30 days OldBorn 5th Jan 2018 09:34

1 Year 10 Months Old
1 Year 9 Months Old
8 Months 9 Days Old
1 Year 4 Months Old
1 Year Old

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