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Marapets is mobile friendly
Pet trading: Main goal is downsizing. I'm still attached to the ones in trade, so can be picky sometimes.

Photo/Plate swaps: either in trades, gallery or mail me, which of my pets you need a photo or plate from

Adult player, been on Mara for a while but haven't been active until moving over from another pet site a few years ago. Usually I'm pretty laid back and polite, but I don't like conversations with rude people.
Yentl the Fairy Raulf
12 years, 7 months & 17 days OldBorn 2nd Jul 2007 15:13

Level 1 Fire Fighter earning MP315MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP365MP a day
Level 10  Strength 2  Defence 2  Health 5  Charisma 2  Language 10  Geography 10  Sports 2  CDs 2  DVDs 4  Books 2  Magic 10