I am an adult player. My kids also play marapets and have their own accounts. We all use the same computer router so please do not freeze or ban any of our accounts. Thank you.
Sorry None of my pets are for trade.

Sammeys the Mummy Figaro
10 years, 6 months & 6 days OldBorn 30th May 2009 22:58

2 Years 3 Months Old
9 Years 4 Months Old
9 Years 4 Months Old
9 Years 4 Months Old
5 Years 8 Months Old
Green Sniffles
6 Years 2 Months Old
Summer Scorpi
5 Years 6 Months Old
Chocolate Frolic
15 Years 7 Months Old
Level 20 Banker earning MP12,780MP a day

Staff of the Undying Fairy

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