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Marapets is mobile friendly
Trying to get Tuadi to 3500 gourmets🍩

Lexeh | 25 | USA
PLEASE read my Info tab about pet trades, etc.

Sometimes I read my mails and then have to log off, so if I don't reply, feel free to mail me again. My pets are not for trade unless they are in pet trades or I make a topic about it :)
I've been playing on Mara since 2006❤️

Lexeh the Splatter Chibs
11 years, 3 months & 21 days OldBorn 14th Aug 2009 13:50

2 Years 9 Months Old
I want
9 Years Old
Pink Damaged
6 Years 7 Months Old
Blue Hart
6 Years 7 Months Old
4 Years 10 Months Old
5 Years 1 Month Old
2 Years 2 Months Old
Level 8 Model earning MP525MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP600MP a day
Health 25  Charisma 45  Art 20  Language 10  Sports 20  CDs 30  DVDs 30  Instruments 45  Balance 20  Coordination 20  Business Studies 4 

Light Fairy Magic Staff
Staff of the Plushie Fairy
Libra Sword
Chibs Gauntlet
Seasonal Staff
Staff of the Sewer Fairy