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Magenta (A domestic ) Magenta is an average height domestic with out-of-control, curly, long reddish brown hair. She is from the planet Transual, in the galaxy Transylvania. Her job is simple, keep the castle clean and prepare all meals. And wait on Frank hand and foot. Cater to his every whim. Magenta is fond of her brother Riff Raff, and can be seen laughing at the other's misery. She is close friends with Columbia. Magenta is not afraid to put her foot down to get her point across, and will be pushy or rude to get what she wants. Both her and her brother share a passion for their home planet. They long to return to the moon-drenched shores of their beloved planet, sweet Transual, land of night.
magenta_rulz the Rainbow Gonk
5 years, 1 month & 20 days OldBorn 14th Apr 2015 16:23

Level 19 Architect earning MP10,100MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP11,650MP a day
Health 160  Art 110  Geography 75  Maths 100  Science 100  Books 95  Coordination 100  Environmental Studies 32  Computer Science 30  Business Studies 40 

Bough Bow
Kamilah Magic Staff
Enpiah Shield
Mini Magic Staff
Frankenstein Shield
Ice Magic Staff
Sleepy Magic Staff
Moon Shield
Grassy Axe
Kamilah Helmet
Hunting Spear
Harvest Scythe
Golden Slingshot
Kamilah Desert Shield
Peppermint Magic Staff