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In loving memory of my uncle James Gale Bauman Jr. and his father James Gale Bauman Sr.
whom I have never met. May you both rest in peace.

Grandpa: Never met him, was told he was an amazing Father. My aunt was the youngest and doesn't remember him. All she has is a photo of him holding her as a baby:/ He died of a heart attack.

Uncle: Possibly related to illegal meds, maybe it was intentional, but he was struck by a train on his anniversary v.v
Story? okay.
So He made some really expensive reservations on his anniversary, but his wife decided it would be best for him to cancel so she can drink with her friends. Here's the kicker. He was supposed to watch his 4 year old daughter while she drank in their kitchen with her friends. Instead he cried and went on a long drive (possibly stopping at a dealers house on the way) called his mom in tears and threatened to end his own life. She told him that was nonsense and that he needed to leave that *b* and "come stay and talk to momma" so he agreed, but his plan was already in motion... My grandma told me there were multiple instances where he fell asleep while driving because he was under an influence (not drinking). Sadly this time he had wandered his car into the train tracks... Good thing he had his wallet on him because apparently he was unrecognizable under the rubble of his car...... The first place the cops went was to his sisters house -why not his mom's?- and I was staying the night there that night and got woken up to my Aunt screaming just an absolute horror scream. I got out of bed and asked "aunt sandy are you okay?" and the cop basically told me I needed to head back to bed because I have school in the morning. After getting told my uncle just passed away in a car accident, I balled. He was my favorite -I'm 7 dude of course I have favorites-. a couple years ago my grandma gave me the full story. I still hate my aunt.
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