~ Kim Yoda was gifted to me by my best friend on here. A female who has known me and been by my side through more years on here than you'll ever imagine.

She's been my strength during the loss of my big brother, and my strength during the loss of my Mother... always keeping me grounded and keeping me well aware that I am loved.

Yoda is yet another symbol of that friendship she and I have.

When I returned back here, I had nothing to my name.. and ultimately wasn't all that sure I wanted to be here. Jess however reignited my flare for the site, by gifting me the name Yoda to build from the ground up into something special, someone wonderful. He now sits here, among my babies, as my favorite and most cherished pet. Decked in Valentine sheik, he makes my heart bubble over with glee and happiness any time my mood begins to sour, as a permanent reminder I am loved. And life is good.

I'll never be able to thank Jess enough for allowing me to welcome Yoda into my VERY PERMANENT world. He's truly the best of the best sir, with honors!

Yoda the Valentine Snookle
4 years, 2 months & 1 day OldBorn 5th Oct 2015 14:21

Level 5 Policeman earning MP425MP a day

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