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Navae is definitely the shyest one of the baby clique. She loves her friends
but she steers clear of newbies. She likes to stick to herself mostly, but she
will play a lot once she is comfortable with you. She is a very sweet loving
girl. She has such sensitive eyes that will just melt your heart. She also loves
her binky and will not go anywhere without it. Her all time best friend forever
is Reyan. They do everything together <3
Navae the Baby Vixen
2 years, 2 months & 24 days OldBorn 19th Apr 2018 12:52

Level 3 Journalist earning MP300MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP350MP a day
Level 10  Speed 20  Charisma 4  Language 20  History 7  Geography 6  CDs 4  Books 6