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Gigantic Paradise
At the end of the rainbow in Gigantic Paradise sits a gigantic Pot of Gold filled with items. Most of these items are donated by generous players. The not so generous Scrooge also donates items here. Ever wondered what happened to those items you accidently drop around Marada? Items lost from Random Events go straight to the Pot of Gold too!

You can also view Prizes Won here and the High Scores List for those who donated the most items.

Players with fewer than MP1,000,000MP can visit for FREE once every hour otherwise it's every 2 hours
Pot of Gold

Play more Free Games to win free MP or prizes

Where should items you donate/delete go?

There are 22,985 items in the Pot of Gold you could win
White Zetlian Plushie
Mummy Ideus Plushie
Seasonal Yonce Plate
Red Oglue Plushie
Black Striped Worm
Green Addow Cracker
Snow Addow Plushie
Red Troit Cracker
Blue Crindol Cracker
Magenta Gruffle Plate
Magenta Gruffle Plate
Magenta Renat Plushie
Pink Oglue Plushie
Dark Chocolate Quell
Yuni Brows Coupon
Orange Straya Plushie
Wallop Third Health Tonic
Fake Seven Hundred and Fifty Dukka Coin
White Firefly Trap
Enchanted Green Yakubi Plushie
Wallop Magazine Jul 2021
Double Chocolate Hearts
Scrooge Night Cap
Dark Blue Hair Dye
Bubble Blue Hair Dye
Blue Syrup Pancakes
Enchanted Green Feliz Plushie
Injured Reese Plushie
Black Front Bumper
Enchanted Green Feliz Plushie
Lilac Osafo Plushie
Plastic Surgery Coupon
Green Walee Plushie
Yellow Bolisoro Plate
Yellow Bolisoro Plate
Werewolf Tantua Photo
Werewolf Tantua Photo
Monster Tantua Photo
Monster Tantua Photo
Bubbles Galore Scratchcard