All of the games that are Pay to Play are listed below. You may have found some of these places already while you Explore the virtual worlds of Marada. Each feature will give you bonus MP, items, pet stats or currency. The page will update automatically with a countdown of when you can visit a game again.

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These are all of the Points to Play Games with a countdown for when can use them again
You can tick and untick which ones you would like to receive reminders or notifications for

Play Game  Bingo
A new and exciting game of Bingo starts every 15 minutes, all day, every day.
Play Game  Capsule Machine
Insert a Capsule Machine Token and win a prize! You may win a restricted Zola pet.
Play Game  Dark Fairy
Give the evil Dark Fairy 100,000MP and you see what she doesn't reward you with.
Play Game  Dukka Dash
For only 3,000MP you can visit Rusila and open her bags of loot to win Dukka Coins.
Play Game  Extract Enpiah
500RP to help Elroy dig through the crust of Enpiah and see what you can win.
Play Game  Gumball Machine
Insert 150MP into the gumball machine to dispense a random gumball.
Play Game  Jelly Castle
Visit just once a day for 300MP. Catch him the hour he is asleep and win jelly prizes.
Play Game  Keno
Play Keno and win higher prizes depending on how many numbers you match.
Play Game  Lottery
Buy tickets for the weekly lottery. One ticket could win you millions!
Play Game  Magazines
Buy a random magazine of the month for 125BP. Collect them all before they retire!
Play Game  Newspapers
Buy a random newspaper of the month for 250BP. Collect them all before they retire!
Play Game  Newth Racing
Whee! Wage a bet on your favourite Newth and you could win big MP.
Play Game  Pancake Pile
Play every hour for 400MP. Match three pancakes in a row to win.
Play Game  Pie Throw
Play Pie Throw every 2 hours for 500MP. Throw 3 pies at the target to win.
Play Game  Pipe Dream
Help Cornelius block the flow of sewage into his house and win the jackpot.
Play Game  Pixie Dice
Only 1,000MP for Pembe to throw her magical dice. Can you win pet stats or MP?
Play Game  Plushie Machine
Move and drop the claw to see if you're lucky enough to pick up a rare plushie.
Play Game  Raffle
Only 10mp per ticket, and you may be the lucky owner of a new shiny dukka coin!
Play Game  Scratchcards
Buy a random scratchcard for a Two Dukka Coin. Scratch to win amazing prizes.
Play Game  Scratchcards
Buy a random scratchcard for a Five Dukka Coin. Scratch to win amazing prizes.
Play Game  Sewer Struggle
500BP to help Septic dig and battle through the sewage and see what you can win.
Play Game  Stock Market
Invest in the stock market and make a profit when their share price increases.
Play Game  Sugar Stack
1,000MP to stack a cube and try to win a prize. Knock it over and lose the jackpot!
Play Game  Sultan
The Sultan rewards loyal members with prizes for each unique day that they vist him and pay MP taxes.
Play Game  Sword in the Stone
Play the sword in the stone game for 25BP once every 10 minutes to try win the jackpot.
Play Game  Telescope
Pay Orion 2,000MP to use his Telescope and you may spot the elusive Magic Carpet!
Play Game  Time Machine
Use a Time Machine Token to go back in time and see what retired item you will find.

Game of the Day
Win a Free Bonus Item everytime you play

Play Game  Memory Pets
A very addictive puzzle game. Find and match the two similar marapets.
Game of the Week
Earn Double MP everytime you play. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Memory Pets

Quest of the Day
Earn 25% more Spy Points

Play Game  Desert Spy
Desert Spy quests reward you with spy points. You must buy items for him from specific shops.
Mission of the Week
Earn 50% more MP completing levels. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Troll
Complete the rotten Troll missions for a limited edition Oglue pet.

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