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When I was just a newly born Jessup, my owners abandoned me because they couldn't think of a name for me. They named me Jessica_12, but apparently I wasn't good enough... I had some decent stats, but yet... my name was wrong.

I sat alone in that cold dark adoption center until I was rescued by a lovely woman named Sharette :) She took me in and renamed me after her favorite graphics designer/ club member, Zyeda. I fell in love with the name and was then turned into the wonderful Sindi I am today!

(Well after many many transformations)

The first LE I got to be was a Yellow Arinya and was quickly costumed as an Easter Arinya!! It was so amazing until I was transformed by an accidental enchanted non-LE plushie :'( I was the transformations pet for a while, turning into all sorts of crazy pets!

That was until the Autumn Sindi was released. I just had to have it! I begged and pleaded and I finally got to play with that enchanted plushie!! After that I drank many color concoctions that changed me into all sorts of colors! Now I'm the beautiful princess I've always wanted to be.

Dreams really do come true <3
Zyeda the Coral Sindi
12 years, 10 months & 3 days OldBorn 8th Feb 2007 16:25

Red Toto
2 Years 4 Months Old
2 Years 4 Months Old
Beige Toto
2 Years 4 Months Old
2 Years 7 Months Old
2 Years 6 Months Old
Beige Bop
2 Years 6 Months Old
Brown Toadling
2 Years 7 Months Old
2 Years 5 Months Old
Orange Toto
2 Years 4 Months Old
Halloween Hammy
1 Year 9 Months Old
6 Years 1 Month Old
5 Years Old
4 Years 11 Months Old
4 Years 11 Months Old
5 Years Old
Bronze Misti
4 Years 4 Months Old
8 Months 7 Days Old
2 Months 20 Days Old
Level 10 Pop Star earning MP1,000MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP1,500MP a day
Health 30  Charisma 110  Art 55  Language 55  Music 110  CDs 55  DVDs 55  Instruments 305  Coordination 60 

Fire Magic Staff
Staff of the Rainbow Fairy
Staff of the Rainbow Fairy
Fire Magic Staff