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See info tab before MMing me about my pets.

I'm not a big fan of small talk. Exception: feel free to contact me to chat if you speak French, German, or Spanish fluently.

If you can't be bothered to read my profile or if you make an insulting offer on my trades, you will be blocked. Esoteric is currently in a pyramid.
Most of my pets have stats and are very expensive to borrow. You can definitely find cheaper. Please try before MMing me if MP is a factor to you :)
With that said: I will almost always lend my pets for goals, battling, or missions unless they are in pyramids or temples.
Yes - I am usually willing to lend you a battle pet for several days.

None of my pets are for trade.

1/5/11: Wastes, oOdarksabreOo
Wastes the White Kidlet
9 years, 9 months & 26 days OldBorn 12th Feb 2010 15:49

Purple Foxicle
5 Years 2 Months Old
180+ days - original color
4 Years 2 Months Old
106+ days - original color
4 Years 10 Months Old
Blue USB
1 Year 4 Months Old
Yellow Charley
4 Years 7 Months Old
Yellow Ingi
4 Years 5 Months Old
700+ days
1 Year Old
590+ days
1 Year Old
Black Mort
1 Year Old
1 Year 2 Months Old
1 Year 2 Months Old
Red Blooble
1 Year 1 Month Old
226+ days
1 Year 1 Month Old
8 Months 17 Days Old
Teal Lubadore
4 Months 16 Days Old
Blue Shamrock
8 Months 7 Days Old
4 Months 1 Day Old
Grey Flonk
3 Months 13 Days Old
Green Iggy
4 Days Old
Level 17 Athlete earning MP8,850MP a day

Alien Blaster
Golden Goose Axe
Moonlight Crystal Ball
Monstrous Magic Staff