Always Changing Grumpy Because She's Experimented On.... A LOT.
Every day she's shoved into the Operations Portal, the Whirlpool, offered to Favalos, and the Reservoir. She's not happy about it, because she never knows how she will look in the end. She's been pretty, ugly, scary and just plain tooooo many times for her liking... But there's no end in sight, she's destined to be operated on.

Zanathi the Purple Kidlet
6 years & 8 months OldBorn 5th Apr 2013 15:09

Orange Batz
3 Months 27 Days Old
Level 2 Athlete earning MP550MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP600MP a day
Level 3  Strength 30  Speed 30  Health 30  Charisma 3  Sports 30  Magic 15 

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