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Marapets is mobile friendly
If anyone needs to borrow something from my gallery for a mission or goal, just let me know. Lending is A-OK with me. However, I log in and out pretty frequently and may miss your mission window; for that I sincerely apologize.

As for purchasing items from my gallery, it highly depends on the item. Most of them I would really like to keep, but if I have more than 1 of the item, I'll probably sell. :)
If any of my pets are up for trade, they will be in the trade center. :)

As for stuff about me, I hope my interests are reflected in the pets I have created/wished for. If not, I like dinosaurs, walruses, dragons, fish, cats, bright colors, SPACE, video games, and lots of other stuff.
Spat the Villain Quell
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Green Sakko
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Radioactive Twins
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