°i will lend my pets for goals °i will not trade my pets. °im already in a club- Legend Family ° please vote for me on ugly contest and beauty contest , (staff check my info please)maratalk or mm if you need a photo of my pets, i don't mind helping but ask nicely please
I love playing marapets,i like cat,
Im a Gemini and a rat in Chinese zodiac,i love hard candy🍬,i don't mind lend my pet out if it for a goal,i love Halloween👻,i love to paint and draw,im an abstract drawer,i love pikachu from pokemon,I love anime&manga,i like watching movies,listening to music.Don't be scared to talk to me,i don't bite,if i get rejected on an item i put an offer on that is ok,it dont hurt my feelings,i love scary items on marapets.
My name is Alicia, My birthday is june 12
(Im an adult)
(° staff : i play on my cellphone, im always log on my marapets on my phone) my sister(Nelbaby) and mom (chocolate bubblezz) both play marapets too. they play on their cell phones . please don't ban us we love marapets)


Orange Float
8 Months 18 Days Old
8 Months 18 Days Old
8 Months 18 Days Old
7 Months 26 Days Old
8 Months 18 Days Old
8 Months 7 Days Old
9 Months 9 Days Old
8 Months 9 Days Old
Rainbow Fatty
8 Months 9 Days Old
8 Months 9 Days Old
7 Months 25 Days Old
8 Months 1 Day Old
Gigantic Fairy Mallet
Arcade Game Mallet
Enpiah Sword
Pumpkin Bow
Pumpkin Shield

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